with type 1 diabetes you start to become a good actor, pretending that you are fine with high or low sugar levels… start talking with confidence in business meetings with 25mmol sugar readings, or continue pretending that you are fine with just 2mmol sugar levels until the break .. hardly anyone notices what you go through or know or care that much… diabetes is a truly invisible disease or people are truly blind to it!

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This is gonna be weird. I'm sorry in advance.


Real talk, sometimes I want an insulin pump simply because it would a visual indicator that I’m sick. I know that that’s really silly and probably doesn’t make that much of a difference because some people are just misinformed jerks, but it would be nice for people to see something solid as…

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Dear every POS who has ever used the, “Jim has 40 candy bars.. Jim eats 35 candy bars.. What does Jim have now? Jim has fucking diabetes!” meme, this is for you. As someone who has had diabetes since I was about two, I can guarantee you that.. No, I did not get it from eating a candy bar. As someone who doesn’t appreciate your tasteless ignorant and extremely uneducated “sense of humor”, I really think that you’re scum of the earth regardless of who you are. Please read THIS and maybe next time you go to share that stupid “Joke” you’ll realize that having to inject yourself with insulin every single day about six times a day, and living in fear of having seizures from a low blood sugar and eye sight damage from high blood sugar is nothing to joke about.. And also has NOTHING to do with the amount of candy bars that you eat. Idiots.

Yes. Can I steal this and post it on all the social media?

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"The other day my mom's friend asked me what it felt like to have blood sugar. I listed off the normal things (shaky, hot, etc) then ended it with "And when it's a bad one you basically feel like you're dying." My mother then pointed out that until you take some sugar that realistically you are indeed dying. I've never really thought of it that way and it just make me wish even more that people took T1D seriously."


*low blood sugar.

Yeah, it’s very serious. I think it’s not seen as something that is “deadly” because people are in control of it. People do die from it, but most people are able to live happy normal lives despite it. It sounds weird, but diabetics have a different perspective on death than a normal person would I think. Literally, if we didn’t eat, we’d die a lot quicker than someone who has a working pancreas. 

It’s tough to think about. It’s interesting, but it’s also something that tends to make me feel a little dreary about.

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"I'm a 17 y/o girl and I've T1D since a year. I don't know why but I haven't accepted this illness yet. I binged all year long, gained more than 10 kg... Also my relationships are changed, I became more detached and silent. Now I feel so lonely... I tried several times to pick myself up again but it's not that simple... Today I found your blog, and I would like to thank you because you're a great inspiration for me. You're strong man"


Hi there.

Well you don’t have to feel lonely here, there are so many just like you that follow this blog. Check out the diabetes tags on tumblr as well.

I couldn’t imagine having type 1 while being 17 in school and all that. So I think you’re way stronger than me! You can always improve and always get better.

The better you take care of yourself the better you’ll feel, remember that. Thanks for saying hi and I hope you have an awesome day!

Totally feel you, anon. First diagnosed right before I entered university, and now, three years later, it’s still a daily battle to manage this condition amidst the demands of schooling life.

But it all will come to pass! It has to! 💪

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Hey, Miss Idaho, Is That An Insulin Pump On Your Bikini?

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  1. When your sugars are high
  2. tired
  3. thirsty
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6.9 A1c!!!!!!!!!!


That’s the lowest it’s ever been, I love my pump!!!!

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